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Full-stack Senior Developer

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Full-stack Senior developer - Arbeit in Posen

Advox is currently composed of more than 60 people, including 40 programmers. We are constantly striving for growth and self-improvement. Our most recent aim is to expand our front-end section. Our areas of expertise are Magento, Zend Framework and front-end projects. Despite the fact that we are set on successful completion of projects, the atmosphere is chilled-out.


4000-7000 PLN net | full-time | Poznań


A proficient programmer with vast experience both in development and programming environment


  • - proficiency in PHP (OOP), HTML, CSS3 and MySQL
  • - good knowledge of JavaScript
  • - ability to use version-control systems such as SVN, GIT
  • - ability to work with xdebug
  • - ability to read and search for PHP, Apache2, MySQL etc. logs
  • - flair in UNIX systems (especially Debian)
  • - knowledge of issues related to PHP, Apache2, MySQL optimisation (knowledge of installation and configuration of ModPageSpeed for Apache2 or Nginx will be an asset, as well as familiarity with cache-related problems)
  • - English or German - conversational level


  • - knowledge of Zend Framework or Zend Framework 2
  • - previous experience as a team leader
  • - Zend Certified Developer certificate
  • - good knowledge of Magento platform
  • - ability to service domains (editing domain zone file, familiarity with popular domain management services such as Cloudflare)
  • - knowledge of different types of CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, PhpBB, Prestashop, Sote)
  • - basic knowledge of RoR and Passenger configuration for Apache2
  • - experience in analysing the scope of works for projects (creating WBS)
  • - knowledge of security issues
  • - familiarity with SSL issues - generating CSR files, configuring ssl for Apache2
  • - basic understanding of network issues
  • - familiarity with the configuration of Apache2, Nginx, MySQL/Percona, Varnish, Solr or Memcached


  • - getting to know with the eCommerce market
  • - steady job based on an employment form that your prefer,
  • - bonuses for the development of yourself and the project,
  • - participation in interesting, international projects,
  • - a lot of difficult problems to solve
  • - trainings and possibilities to develop in other technologies,
  • - chilled-out but goal-oriented atmosphere,
  • - Git, Gitlab CI/Jenkins sofrware
  • - Jira - issue and project tracking software
  • - Multisport card for free,
  • - private health insurance,
  • - pizza every Friday,
  • - massages at the office every second week,
  • - ...and a lot of other fancy things

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